Why Go Vegan(Scientifically, Logically and Spiritually Speaking)?



Going vegan! is it a matter of sensitiveness, cruelty, ethics, values, morals, virtues or unconscious following of religious rituals, traditions and customs or familial  beliefs. Why one should go vegan? And sacrifice the awesome, lip-smacking, mouth watering taste of tandoori chicken, spicy curries, mutton those exquisite herbs and spices one adds (the names of some which can’t even be pronounced by us Indians) in making those appetizing dishes.

No! I shall not start jabbering the sensitive issue how for minutes of taste you are killing a living being and ‘senti’ things like that coz those sensitive enough would not eat the non-vegan dishes in the first place. This article is aimed at those who eat non-vegan dishes. I shall try to answer the oft repeated questions that vegans face moreover my take on the veganism  movement being undertaken by the new age communities and people world over…

Starting with my first logical proposition and a question.
#Proposition 1: Understanding the human anatomy…
#Question 1: Are we really ‘Omnivore’ as taught to us by our education system?

Or is it a blatant lie may be a superficial research, a rumor that said through many mouths became the truth ultimately. Let us understand our Indian education system of today first. Is the education system of today that we so embrace really of Indian origin? Did the native people of India frame the system in accordance with our rich spiritual heritage (the times during which India was aware of even making intergalactic space travels!!!) The answer is NO!! the education system of today was framed up by the oppressive English government that enslaved India for centuries…
Proof? Well here is the official

Lord Macaulay’s address to the British Parliament on 2 February, 1835:

“I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.”

Sounds logical enough…  I mean being a conqueror nation… England saw India as a complete threat… I mean intergalactic travels!!! Can anyone even comprehend that idea in those times such technology surely must have irked the ones having primitive ways of travelling horses, carts the most developed technology being a locomotive engine that’s it.

I give a situation here. Let us say you have a pistol and the enemy you face has a laser gun which can like totally evaporate you. You are in deep-shit and you know that. Still who doesn’t love his very own life more than anything else so what do you do? Given  the other one doesn’t know that what you have is a very primitive weapon in comparison to yours. You apply your cunning cleverness now in a bid to save your life. And take assistance of the ultimate weapon “Psychological Manipulation”. You brag about your weapon like realtime and belittle the other one’s. Now it totally depends on the psychology of the other person. If he is aware enough he will not give in to your lies and just shoot and tell you the awesomeness that his weapon carries.

I think a similar thing happened with India during those times. India being a nation of hardcore spiritualist who like dwelled within always. Never had time to explore the physical world more also a slave nation ( the Muslim dynasty ruled India before their advent)  the mass populace had a weak cowardly psychology so they gave in to these lies of the one’s oppressing them.

Simple… This and due to other factors covered in the below video structured our present education system… Here’s a video that proves the above assertion with some historical evidences the video is in hindi though…

This being covered I shall proceed onto the real anatomy of the human body as researched and published in a research paper by Milton.R.Mills (M.D.)

Here’s the link: Humans are naturally plant-eaters

The article covers a proper comparative anatomy of eating. If you don’t wanna go through the whole article I am including its summary here The summary of the article: The anatomical evidence tells us that we’re optimized for eating mostly or exclusively plant foods.  The only way to come to another conclusion is to ignore the bulk of the anatomical evidence.  (Critics of this article either use inferior evidence, such as disputed assumptions about the prehistoric diet, or they cherry-pick the anatomical evidence while ignoring the bulk of it.)

  • Most plant-eaters eat small amounts of non-plant foods(accidentally while grazing), usually insects (either intentionally or inadvertently).  The small non-plant consumption of plant-eating animals doesn’t mean that they’re “omnivores” in the classical sense, and certainly doesn’t justify the idea that humans are adapted to a very mixed diet of plant and non-plant foods.
  • “Omnivore” doesn’t mean 50% plants and 50% animals.  Many of my critics consider chimpanzees to be omnivores but 95-99% of the chimp diet is plants, and most of the remainder isn’t meat, it’s termites. If humans are omnivores, then the anatomical evidence suggests that we’re the same kind:  the kind that eats almost exclusively plant foods.
  • The animals most similar to us, the other primates, eat an almost exclusively vegan diet.
  • Saying we’re omnivores because we’re capable of eating meat is just silly.  We’re capable of eating cardboard, too.  And by the “capable” argument, then cats are omnivores too, since nearly every commercial cat food has plant ingredients.  (Check the label.)  Nobody would ever make the argument that cats are omnivores based on what they’re capable of eating.  But they sure make that argument for humans, enthusiastically.
  • Our so-called “canine teeth” are “canine” in name only.  Other plant-eaters (like gorillashorses, and hippos) have “canines”, and chimps, who are almost exclusively vegan, have massive canines compared to ours.  (See picture below.)
  • Our early ancestors from at least four million years ago were almost exclusively vegetarian. (source, article #5)
  • Among animals, plant-eaters have the longest lifespans, and humans are certainly in that category (and yes, this was true even before modern medicine).
  • We sleep about the same amount of time as other herbivores, and less than carnivores and true omnivores.
  • The most common cause of choking deaths is eating meat. (source)  Real carnivores and omnivores don’t have that problem.
  • The idea that a switch to meat-eating is what sparked early humans’ brain development has no more evidence to support it than the competing theories (such as that it was a switch to cooked foods that did the trick), and certainly doesn’t square with what comparative anatomy tells us.

Ok, so even the body anatomy and coverage of the historical evidences of our present education system shout out loud that veganism is the natural way and our education system is BullShit 🙂 .

Question 2: Plants and crops also have life in them so when you eat plants are you not hurting them?
Hmmm good question… well Jagdish Chandra Basu indeed prove that plants do have feelings and can feel pain… But the question is the “magnitude” of that pain… do they scream, shout or run away shed tears of grief get tortured or traumatised? I don’t think so. Coz if this would have been the case if plants indeed felt pain of the same extent. Nature would have provided them wings or legs to fly or run. Not Rooted them firmly to the ground. Coz this is injustice. An ungodly act, an act of total stupidness, idiocy by nature. But as research has proved it that nature is intelligent works in harmony provides for every being looks after every being.

Proof that the nature is intelligent–> the oft repeated Fibonacci series or golden numbers in the plant kingdom, animal kingdom and the material kingdom. These mathematical patterns sure prove that nature is intelligent refer to the video below

and the associated article(Huffington post)

Nature is Intelligent

Moreover, logically speaking if we pluck an orange another orange grows we are not destroying the tree. We are eating crops the seeds of which and consequent pollination by insects such as bees leads to preservation of that particular species even assisting the crop plant in their genealogical evolution(R&D has proved this as well). But killing an animal kills the animal and in the process the animal has to go through excruciating pain, trauma, sheds tears of grief even tries to run away from the killing facility. Thereby proving that the magnitude of pain is much much larger in animals and maybe that’s why nature has provided them legs to run and eyes to shed tears. Plus the killing facilities are not a natural construction they are man made thereby proving that nature does not intend upon killing those animals… it is US!!

Hmm there by proving that it is our consciousness which is to be blamed concerning the major upheaval across all the sectors of the society and existence in general and not NATURE. Conclusively, Science does agree that by going vegetarian you are rescuing these animals from pain, grief, sadness, depression and miserable-torcherous lives.

Ok, Another #Question may arise here.–> But my religion says that I have to…

Well this is a sensitive issue.
Here I will not take sides with any particular religion reason being the issues of sacrifice to appease gods or celebrating a festival by killing masses of animals is not limited to a particular religion. Events like these we witness every day. Some get featured in our mainstream news most of them go ignored and do not receive the required limelight. But I ask those who believe in such rituals. Do these rituals fetch any trans-formative experiences latter on after they are conducted? Every year it is the same unconscious following of them. Coz let us say if a certain god or goddess got happy seeing animals being slaughtered in masses. Their happiness surely should manifest triggering events such as heavy rainfall for their crops. Pushp-varsha( flower showering by the celestials during the occurrence of the slaughter). Deities manifesting and blessing them.

But things like these don’t happen. Factually speaking instead of heavy rainfall we have cloud bursts, instead of ‘flower being showered’ we suffer acid rain. And sure deities don’t manifest but profit reapers who reap huge profits from these events do. People associated with the leather industry, fur industry, meat industry obtain immense profits. Conclusively proving that rituals aren’t spiritual. They are harming us and the flora fauna.

Here-in comes the spirituality part. The path of path-lessness and expression of unconditional love. The associated trans-formative experiences that happen when one walks the path of pathlessness (btw which this blog is all about) Spiritually Speaking, Eating non-vegeterian food lowers one vibrational frequency as well. Check out the below link:

Eating meat and its Effects

Since ascension is all about increasing your frequency of operation. Thus intake of stuff like this surely will take you down in terms of frequency. No animal is happy while it’s getting killed. The animal at the time of killing has fear based emotions. Fear based emotions trigger toxins in the body which get absorbed in its fat. Later when its meat is consumed. Lower frequency based vibrations are also transferred. Going by the phenomenon of resonance. And superposition of waves. Sub atomically. Thus if one intends to elevate himself/herself intake of meat is de-elevating. Quoting my Guru Mohanji he also has shared his views upon this whole issue of ‘Species Conflict’ (this blogpost actually is inspired by gurujis post)

Species collision is the biggest, highest and most devastating disaster the earth has ever seen beyond the ice ages. It is irreversible too. This is totally man-made. No other species on earth trusts human kind. This lack of trust between our species and others is alarming, and crippling our existence on earth. With our insensitive life patterns, we have created such vast fields of distrust between ourselves and all other species on earth. Every human walking on earth is responsible for species collision. It is an inherited curse. This breach of trust started about the same time domestication and farming of animals beyond the boundaries of ethics began. Because of lack of sensitivity, we have lowered the vibratory levels of the surface of the earth. We have violated the harmony of the vibratory plane between other species and men. This is the same equation for both land and sea. We have put our hands everywhere. The segregation of harmony in vibratory levels which can be understood only through senses beyond the usual five, is irreparable in the immediate future. It may take a few lifetimes to achieve this, if at all. The other option is re-construction after demolition. This is the earth’s choice, based on its state. Earth uses natural disasters to equalize the imbalance and make way for re-creation. We asked for it. – M

Here, in this video My guru Rajyogi Mohanji talks about Animal Cruelty…

Hence, true spirituality can never sponsor these ‘godly acts’ coz in my understanding every higher, ascended master has stressed upon ‘expressing unconditional love towards every being as the only means of elevating oneself spiritually.’

Great masters like Jesus, Buddha, Shankracharya all stressed on this…

Ok, this being proved I shall proceed on to the “Hardcore guys/sexy gals” the lot who doesn’t give a damn about sensitive, scientific, spiritual or logical stuff other than their bodies the weightlifters and all who think eating non veg food is like totally healthy and boosts their biceps or butts. The one’s who say “Hey but I don’t give a damn coz I was selfish by birth and I am by nature cruel and hate all stuff sensitive, it is girly… damn I am macho I only care about my body ain’t no one gonna stop me from eating these things.” Well, guys here is a revelation check out the below video where the guy gives 101 reasons to go vegan just because it harms your body…

Ok, if you don’t want to check out the video as it’s long. Please still if you find time click here just have a look how eating pork and meat of other scavengers like them have toxins stored in their body fat. Harming the one consuming it much more. Through the very real and proven process of Bio-Magnification. If you did find time reading your 6th standard environmental education books. Please I don’t want to give a link here coz this would be like making fun of your intellect(seriously)!!!

Some more FAQ’s and my opinions:

What will happen to the meat and dairy animals that are no longer needed? What will happen to their bodies?

What about all the species of meat and dairy animals? Who will pay for their vet care?

What about the farmers? What will they do?

What about the specific meat-based nutrients that our bodies require? (Such as the omega 3 found only in meat products.)

What about if there was a sustainable way to farm? 

Hmmm good questions: In my opinion, the killing facilities should be held responsible for them animals. Coz it is they who artificially raised them up. If the facilities can afford buying, installing and running heavy machiniries for hours at length consuming massive amount of electrical energy. They sure can invest the same amount of money, time and energy in feeding them and looking after them. The facilities should be charged actually. Fined so to say. But then that is a long way to go. First of all their consumption has to be stopped at an individual level. Laws are made by the collective consciousness. If the collective demands that such laws be made. Laws will be made. And for the collective to demand that. The individual consumption must cease. As it is the individuals who make up the collective.(Killing facilities should be held responsible for MURDER!!!)

I do agree that there are farmers and butchers who are really hardcore. But when proper strict laws are made such as charging/fining facilities and people. Then automatically people will have to embrace veganism.(This can only happen once the collective demand overrules sensory pleasure seeking) I think i have covered the first three questions about paying…

Proceeding on… Livestock raising takes hectares of lands and feeding of live stocks, looking after them costs huge amount of money. If the same amount of money, time and energy is spent on vegan alternatives that may solve the issue for the farmers. Furthermore, if let us say 5 farmers own a facility where daily butchering of tens and hundreds of animals is done. I ask what is logical?
1. Those farmers looking for a different employment opportunity or
2. Killing of live sentient animals cruelly miserably… who suffer excruciating pain and torture in the process.

Omega 3 is not found only in animal products that is a BLATANT LIE. It is found in nuts and almonds as well…
Check out…

Sustainable way to farm ? Hmmm i dont think so, i mean can you kill a animal sustain-ably? Their is no such thing as sustainable killing. Animals are living beings. No living being wants death. And that’s why may be their are many cases of cows or buffaloes running away from the killing facilities with tears in their eyes!!!
Check out:

***Ultimately, it is the Collective consciousness that has to change beginning at an individual level…

Conclusively, even with respect to all the perspectives covered and spoken about. The choice of going vegan rests upon an individual. I would like to give some statistics here though.

More Than 150 Billion Animals are Slaughtered Every Year


This many living sentient beings were MURDERED without purpose!!!
source: http://www.adaptt.org/killcounter.html


InkedScreenshot 2020-04-03 06.33.12_LI

But then again choice is yours… ‘2 minutes of taste’ or ‘2 minutes of sacrifice’ saving This MANY!!! Be Aware… I do support veganism simply coz

Hope this article answers some pertinent questions…

Thank you for your time reading this…
In oneness we exist _/_
Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤

References and further interesting look ups:
1.What’s behind that Glass of Milk?(an Article published in The Hindu)
2.VIDEO: Will you still eat chicken in India?
3. No Sacred Cows: The Dark Side of the Dairy Industry in India
5. Poultry Farming Cruelty(Secret film)



  1. I also think you should define the term vegan, as many people may not be aware that it is not just about leaving meat, but also dairy products, not using animal products such as wool, silk, leather and also avoiding products that is tested on animals. It is very mindful living and a way of life to not cause harm to fellow beings. People dont have to go cold “turkey”, they can give up meat first and as they learn to discriminate the rest will follow. I am in the transitioning phase…from Vegetarian to vegan and eighty percent of the time I am good. Dairy products can be hard to avoid when travelling, but I am learning all of this. It is the best also as you don’t get sick, you don’t gain weight, you look younger!!! An avearge vegan lives more than ten years longer than their meat eating counterparts and they contribute to saving the planet and helping the future generations. I dont see any disadvantages…people can doa three week challenge, maybe without meat and see the difference!!!

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